sevilla sin prisas

If you know me very well, you know I will probably spontaneously combust if I’m around people for too long, despite my extroverted tendencies. This is especially true when said people include 5 and 6 year old grandchildren staying with your host mom for the week. This week in Madrid, there was an even more […]

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vamos a valencia

After an extremely subpar performance on my midterms, Rachel and I were Valencia bound! THE BUS:  I was aware that bus stations and train stations work nothing like an airport does. However, after arriving an hour early, I was made even more aware of the extreme differences. There is no check-in. There is no security. […]

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segovia & subjunctive

Classes aren’t the only aspect of “studying” abroad. The university has also set up numerous activities throughout Madrid (and outside of) that we can attend: Museo del Prado, Palacio Real, and so on. The July program includes an “obligatory” day trip during the first weekend to Segovia. I had been told by many people that […]

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4 days pre-departure

I constantly express regret over things that I’ll miss when I’m gone: my uncle’s wedding, a friend’s party, a free concert featuring one of my favorite bands in my boyfriend’s hometown, signing my FIRST lease in person, and so on. I must sound ridiculous pining over events that could never compare to the month I’m […]

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